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In India, most people are unaware of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, because of which they suffer problems like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, PCOD, etc., we want people to learn about the benefits of proper nutrition and daily exercises for a healthy lifestyle so they could boost their immunity and protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Through our program, we want to provide our fitness experts in rural areas because people living in rural areas are not aware of the kind of nutrition their bodies need. Also, they are still dependent on "pehalwaan" to fix their injuries and improve their sexual and physical health, and as a result of which, they get tricked into spending unnecessary money on fake items, which also may affect their health.

Also, we want people living in rural areas to have a career in the fitness industry. Through our live online classes, they will get to learn and become a certified trainer and have a career promising career in the fitness industry. It will also help to eliminate poverty in rural areas as many people are forced to work as laborers because of money and therefore they are unable to obtain proper education and skills.



When it comes to health, India performs among the worst countries with high stunting, wasting, and underweight rate. Malnutrition is one the major problems in India causing many deaths every year. India is committed to Sustainable Development Goals and we, with our fitness programs, want to help India achieve this goal. We want to see a fit India so that each individual can contribute their share in the development of India. We want to reach every corner of India to provide everyone with proper nutrition and therefore, eliminate the problems of malnutrition. People in India, specially rural India are not aware of the right nutrition their body needs, therefore, it causes many health issues. Fit India Movement, launched by our Honorable Prime Minister, is a nation-wide movement in India to encourage people to remain healthy and fit by including physical activities and sports in their daily lives, therefore we also want to contribute to it and make people aware of not only physical activities but also right nutrition their body demands.

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There are lots of myths in our country

  • You can't lose weight without skipping carbs.

  • You should not eat after the evening during the weight-loss period.

  • You can't gain muscle without supplements and medicines.

  • Girls should not lift weight otherwise their physique will become manly.

  • Elderly people should go for a walk only and avoid gym.

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